Mamanguá Beach Hostel was born from the idea of offering a place in Saco do Mamanguá for people seeking adventure and nature who don’t want to give up a fun atmosphere with good music at the end of the day. 

With a proposal a little different from Refúgio Mamanguá, our other establishment, the Mamanguá Beach Hostel is a place that mixes all the excitement that a hostel offers, with a place where you can also relax and disconnect from the world.

Yes, neither cell nor internet work here. It is this experience which we believe is unique and reenergizing!

In Mamanguá the sea, waterfall, moon, stars, forest and people imbue the environment with an incredible energy!

And that's what we offer you: peace of mind and a lot of love to share. You’ll be welcomed here! 

 Be very welcome here!