Saco do Mamanguá, located near Paraty, state of Rio de Janeiro, is a narrow long sea area, which goes for 8 km until it reaches a well preserved mangrove forest, with rivers and waterfalls.

 Being in Paraty bay, the sea is very flat – making it look like a lake! – with a few islands and many fishermen. Canoes are the main source of transportation. And aren´t only used by locals, known as caiçaras, but by all the people that visit this paradise.

 Since it has only 2 km (1,25 mile) of width from one margin to another, the Mamanguá is considered the only fjord in Brazil and one  of the most untouched places by human being. Just to put that in perspective, electrical energy only arrived in 2016!

  Visitors can expect a seashore surrounded by mountains, a tropical rainforest with plenty of trees and wildlife and a traditional caiçara community. It looks as if it was frozen in time, remaining almost the same and with its natural beauty.