How to get to Saco do Mamanguá


The access to the Mamanguá is only by trail or by boat from the beach of Paraty Mirim. Another option is to come directly from the city of Paraty by sea.

  From Paraty Mirim to Saco do Mamanguá

Trail: The trail leaves the beach of Paraty Mirim and takes around 1h30. The first part of the walk is a very big hill and takes around 25 minutes to pass this part, it's kind of hardcore but nothing that enough water does not solve.

Then the trail looks good, a cool trail in the middle of the woods. The trick not to end up entering someone's house is, after seeing the first light pole, follow the electric cables and poles until you reach the front of the Hostel, there is no mistake! It is the first beach with a "market" that you will see.

The trail begins just after the Environmental Police, near the pier of Paraty Mirim, on the right side of the road. Unfortunately there is no signage, but everyone knows where to start. Once you've entered the trail the direction is going up the mountain and not going around the mountain, as you can see in the map of the trail.


Trail Map

Pararty Mirim - Mamanguá Beach Hostel


Boat: To catch a boat, go to Paraty Mirim ́s tourist pier and there you will find several boatmen available to take you here. If you need help booking your boat, let us know and we will help you!

The transfer costs about R$ 80 per boat and it fits up to eight people with luggage, but as more people the price go up. Mamanguá Beach Hostel is on the right side from who comes from Paraty Mirim.

mapa 1.png


How to get to Paraty Mirim beach: At Paraty ́s bus station you have to catch a local bus – called Colitur - to Paraty Mirim, the bus line call "Paraty Mirim". The ride takes about 40 minutes and costs R$ 3,40. There are many and different bus schedules available all day long. 

From Paraty direct to Mamanguá: 

Go to Paraty touristic pier, located at the historical center, and catch a boat to Saco do Mamanguá. This is a lovely tour through the islands of Paraty Bay, and you can stop during the way to dive! It costs about R$ 250 per boat.